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Buying from the US


I've found  a bunch of nice electronics at MaximumRobotics that I want to order. But i'm a little conserned about how much extra I'll have to pay in taxes, customs etc.

Do any of you guys have experience buying things in USA and get it shipped to a EU country?

I live in Denmark and is not familiar with how the danish customs operates.


Dennis L

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Expect the package to be held hostage by PostDanmark for a week or two. If the total value is less than 80dkr, you don't pay tax. If the value is higher,  you add 25% tax for the whole amount, including shipping. Then you add 150dkr for the first line on the invoice and 34 for all subsequent lines. Go to postdanmark.dk and search for "told".
That sounds a bit harsh! Why do they add that much tax to things from the US? I'm assuming they want people to buy from EU and not other countries just so you can avoid VAT.

I'm definitely going to buy for more than 80 dkr :).

It sounds like I have to find an European alternative. The money saved by buying from the US will be used on taxes... 


Dennis L

I'm in the US and when I order from the UK I pay high shipping but no taxes or customs fees. If I ordered more than a few hundred bucks worth that may be a different story. The general rule of thumb is anything under $100 flies through with no issues. Anything over $100 can get fees or slowed down.
me too no charges

usually when i order from teh US i just pay a LOT for shipping....but no customs or tax charges.


Shipping usually is unbelievably high though!