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Digital Temp / Humidity Sensor

Vendor's Description: 

Designed by WBA Consulting, The WBA-TH1M Module makes it very easy to use Sensirion's SHT11 Digital Temperature/Humidity Sensor in your microprocessor controlled projects. The two-wire digital serial interface is simplified and sample code is available for several microprocessors.

The design is based upon an optimum circuit from experience with 3 different microcontrollers (Parallax Basic Stamp, Cypress PSoC, and TI MSP430). It's meant to be very easy to use and versatile without requiring any circuit modifications on the user's part. The module can be used right next to a processor or at large distances with proper cable (Cat 5 or similar shielded cable). It's a reliable and bulletproof circuit that works directly with any microprocessor and without additional circuitry.

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That's a good writeup!  WBA also used the same pinout as you.  He compiled sample code for other microcontrollers on his site, too. 

Also, I forgot to put a link to the project page - it's right here: www.gadgetgangster.com/235


Not a bad price for this sensor.  I've used it on a BS2 and loved it.

Btw, where did you guys get the chip, I couldn't find it at digikey, jameco or mouser...  :/

I don't actually know - Andrew (WBA Consulting) sends them to me pre-assembled, so I don't stock the individual components.  I found a few bare chips on ebay, but no proper source.  I wonder if he buys them straight from Sensiron.  I'll have to ask.