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Hello everybody! i'm new here and i would like to share this project of mine. It's a Minisumo-BEAM STYLE. I've always wanted a minisumo and when a member(noiseO)  posted his creation, i knew it's time to start building.

     The robot is based on the schematic of SOLARBOTICS SUMOVORE, but what i really used is the biomorphic map of the schematic which is easier for me to understand. And now it's finished. My minisumo.bot_120.jpg



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Looks promising :) A BEAM sumobot, I just got my first symet kit from solarbotics,... but this is much more cool! I thought BEAMs are only "plants" in robotics, but this is something more looking like primitive predator! :) Do you have a video of it yet?

   Actually, BEAM creations are described as "robotic planktons", just twithching, surviving in its environment. But your description is apt, as it is primitive. And yes, i do have a video, but youtube takes forever to upload a 10 sec clip. Thanks for the comment isotope. ;)