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Painting robot from China's Hi-Tech Fair

Recently I was exhibiting our robots at China's Hi-Tech Fair. This is in my blog but I thought this robot was worth mentioning seperately.

It was also a good oppertunity to test LMRII's ability to display you-ku video. Well done Rudolph! Be patient, Youku seems to put an ad on while the video is buffering. Just give it a few seconds.

This robot uses servos to manuver a paintbrush suspended by fishing line. Unfortunately this was the last day of the show and they had run out of paper. Normally the robot paints an entire banner instead of just one charactor.

The best thing about this robot is the simplicity of the design. I hope to see an immitation on LMR.

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I called it painting since it uses a paint brush and could just as easily be programmed to dip it in several different colours and paint a landscape or portrait. I'm sure writting letters was easier to program.

Vid got stuck first time I tried, seems to be fine now though =)

Quite an impressive setup they have - no doubt it required a lot of calibration and some solid geometric math to get all the motors working in such smooth synchronisation. I also like the way the brush gently lifts up after each stroke, it really makes the end result look authentic!

Yes I reckon there was a lot of math involved. It seems typical for robots, the simpler the mechanics, the more complex code.

It's funny, the same relationship extends all the way to animals, which have extremely simple limb actuators but amazingly complex control capabilities.
Many 6DoF industrial arm robots for example are covered with sensors and require advanced inverse kinematic algorithms to allow them to position the tool tip correctly. On the other hand my cat can scratch his ear without poking himself in the eye, even while asleep and dreaming...

I noticed that no one had commented on this fantastic robot. I then noticed that Youku puts an add at the start while the video is buffering. Please be patient.