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Wii IR camera Parts List Question.


Does anyone have a Digikey parts list for the following project?


 There is a list of parts in German... but I'm not sure if the components need to be a certain type, and I don't speak German, so I'm not sure what some of the words mean, and if they're important or not. Parts list on project website translated from German:




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Here is the correct part list (sorry no digikey part numbers):
  • Wii Remote IR Camera (from a original Wii Remote, not a clone!!)
  • 24Mhz quartz oscillator (or 25MHz, but not a resonator!)
  • 2x diode 1N4148 or equivalent
  • 2x elecrolytic capacitor 10uF
  • 1x ceramic capacitor 100nF
  • 2x resistor 2.2kOhm
  • 1x resistor 22kOhm
Much appreciated... Great work on this project, and thanks for the parts list and translation links in the original blog posting....

I have also an interest in ths project but never got around to extracting the camera out of my Wii controller.

Most of the Wii peripherals are amazing devises and there is a lot of sensors to be hacked.

If i can help with the German - then just tell me which parts of the write-up are not clear.