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PING))) and Picaxe 18 (here we go again)

I have read and researched how to connect the PING))) and Picaxe 18 together. I don't need to know the code to write, thats easy enough to figure out once you have made the connections. What I NEED to know is how to connect the two things together? Believe me, I have RTFM, I have researched everywhere online, and I have read Datasheet after Datasheet, and all I have have found is a lot of people arguing about why and why not.

This is extremly frusrating. I am about to throw the Picaxe 18 away.

People say it can be done, read here and here and possibly here. If you read those you will see people saying it can be done and you will see people saying it can't be done. Arguing isn't helping anyone.

So this is it, lets only give definitive answers here, please don't tell me to read this or that, as I already have, if you know how to do it just say it (or show it).

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