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Mr. General Robot

Well I'm officially starting work on my Mr. General robot. I just received the kit today when I got home and was thrilled to see all that was inside! Tomorrow I will start all of the soldering and assembly of the kit. I'll be modifying it quite a bit for the Mr. General Challenge. I just wanted to start this blog to record my building process until it's complete.

Things To Do:

  1. Buy the rest of the parts I need like, microcontroller, motors, syringes, l293, etc
  2. Research a few topics a little better. I'm pretty solid on programming but a little research wouldn't hurt. After I assemble the kit, I'll have to see how many available pins and what freedom I have to work with. It'll have to be quite a bit to do all that I want it to.
  3. Make a piston system with my motors
  4. Add a rear propulsion system through water? Can continuous rotation servos power the bot through water? I doubt it...
  5. Think about and research the mechanics I will use
  6. IR remote control research. I've never fully used one and would like to know how. Would add a good function to my bot.

I think that's a good start for right now. I'll be continually updating this page as I advance.

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There is no reason the servos can't propell your robot through water but since they are geared you need to use paddles instead of a propellar. Maybe oars?
I was thinking on the paddle wheel before and thought about steam boat similar paddles.