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Infrared object detector.

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Dagu now stocks this IR detector. It has an adjustable range from 3cm to 80cm and a dgital output with indicating LED. Although it can't be used to measure distance it can be used as a cheap alternative to an Ultrasonic or Sharp IR sensor if you just want basic object advoidance navigation. See a video of it in action here.


Voltage: 5V
Max Curent: 100 mA
Range: 30mm - 800mm

Diameter: 17mm
Length: 45mm
Lead: 450mm

The lead has 3 connections. Red is +5V, Green is ground and Yellow is the digital output.

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thank you..

what is the value of the pull-up resister shown in the figure? is it important or can be neglected?


The output is an open collector output so you must have a pullup resistor. The value is usually 10-20K.

If you are using an Arduino then you can use the internal pullup resistors which are about 20K.

with the little screw?
I demolished one of these to see what was inside, very little aparently and the little screw adjust the sensitivity.
So it's a trigger? this is exactly what calculon needs for his xmos project. is it affected by sunlight?
As this is an IR sensor I would assume that Sunlight will have some effect. Bright sunlight might reduce it's range.

It does look like the filter on the front is pretty thick, so hopefully the sensor can shrug off a decent amount of ambient light interference. Looks like a nice little package, saves you the hassle of aligning and protecting a normal IR couple.

I tested this sensor indoors, outdoors in the shade and outdoors in full sunlight. The range was not affected noticeably by sunlight but the reflectivity of an object makes a big difference.

As an example it detects a white wall from much farther away than a dark wooden desk.

My christmas list is currently one of everything in the DAGU inventory. Another awesome product, Oddbot!