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How to connect SRF05 with a ribbon cable? (I'm not sure either!)

Well, I was browsing like 100s of robots on this website, many of which use the SRF05 (SRF005) and I see that HEAPS ( I did that on purpose) of them use ribbon cables (which are included when you buy this picaxe 28 pin project board. It seems much neater and easier. It would make things easier and save money. Can any1 tell me how to do this?

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One user posted a tip/walkthrough here.

You can solder pins or a header onto the SRF05 that match your ribbon cable.

the documentation shows a picture of the ribbon, and pins on the 28x project board that each wire corresponds to. just connect the wires corresponding to V, G, any digital input, and a digital output on the ribbon to the appropriate spot on the sensor. You can strip the wires and solder them directly to the sensor, or use a header. for the digital out pin, you'll probably have to solder a header pin onto the project board just to right of the Axe.