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Arduino EMF detector

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I'm wondering if this could be tuned to detect the human EMF ... Then you could have a bot follow you around :D

Humans give off a number of trace signals which can be measured.

For example the Nervous systen is just a "digital" (yes digital) electrical signal flowing not only in the nerves but also in the skin and any bodymass that contains water - any resulting current flow will generate magnetic field (unfortunately at low level and random)

The body also acts like a capacitor , and will also store Electrostatic charges ......

...... humans generate thier own "Electro-Smog" bubble ....... so it must be possible to detect ........

Humans are indeed quite electrically complicated things... my guess is that an active EMF detector would be better for detecting living things than a passive detector. I've used a very similar detector to the one above, and it's quite good at detecting fuzzy (and statically charged) cats, but a bit of an underperformer when it comes to people, but maybe a tuned emitter/receiver couple would solve that issue?
or maybe attach some kind of circuit on the guy's body (maybe one with much current).