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Mr Mountain Monster aka Mr Suspense

Drives over most stuff, occasionally flips over.
Mr_Suspense_assembly03.jpg1.61 MB
Mr_Suspense_assembly04.jpg1.63 MB
MMM_profile_02.jpg1.62 MB
MMM_profile_04.jpg1.61 MB
MMM_bottom_03.jpg1.61 MB

Mr Mountain Monster (MMM) was originally named Mr Suspense because his main modification to the Mr Basic kit from DAGU is the suspension and flexible drive system. Both the suspension and flexi-drive make use of steel cable.

The Mr Suspense blog provides some detail on the design and construction.

I've uploaded an introductory video showing one of his first test drives.

Now that the basic platform seems road-worthy, it's time to start adding sensors, actuators, etc. The real fun begins...

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really clever.

It seems like the plexi hit your obstacles before the wheels can get real traction and climb over'em. I would recommend shaving of as much as possible in the front

Good observation. That could be a problem, as there is not a lot of material to shave off, especially in the front. I might be able to remove the corners.


Bigger wheels would help. I plan to change the motor voltage up to 6V and use PWM, so I should have enough power to drive larger wheels if I need to.

Hehe, looks like Buzz Lightyear has an admirer =)

Great to see this bot in action, looking forward to seeing where you take him next.

And I never even got my Mr Basic up and running. Glad to see that one actually could get some fun out of them! :)
Well, I was bummed that I missed the Mr Basic Challenge 2, but I'm going to keep working on this little guy and get him really developed.
   Good body design. Mabe bigger wheels would give more ground clearence. I like the indoor and outdoor designs and learned some stuff the hard way on my first bot. The real world is not all smooth floors. Looks easy to modify.

I was thinking about putting on some 65mm wheels that DAGU makes, but Oddbot suggested that it would be too much for the plastic gears on Mr Basic, and that it would make turning difficult.

I'm going to experiment with the current wheels for now, and maybe try something bigger in the future.

Nice robot. I like the transmission method :) and it looks nice too.

I haven't done much with this one for a while, but I may use this base for a robot brain soon.

The suspension's not bad, but it does have some problems. The Mr Basic kit used a nice plastic bracket for holding the train together on one end. However on the other end they used a pretty simple metal bracket that doesn't hold the drive axles as firmly. This was fine in the original configuration, but once I added the suspension, I really needed the extra control the plastic bracket provides. I might try to add something made from Polymorph to correct for this. This would be a great thing to use a 3D printer for.

I also had a bit of an issue with clearance. You can see in the video that it gets caught up sometimes. I can trim the mounting plate a little to improve this.