Let's Make Robots!

*** 1.1 update  ***

 The hexapod now has some better code for sensing. The hexapod makes a 360 spin which it takes as 9 point turns. At each point it takes a reading. It compares all the readings and decides which way is best. In the video i demonstrate this with a small gap for the robot to go through. The robot basically is making a simple map, very simple, and finding the biggest hole to go through. The robot still has its curve to the left i need to fix. When that is fixed then this code will be much better in that it wont run into things by curving into them. The next update i will be showing a rc mode i plan on doing with a controller i will blog. 



 This is my first robot with legs.I do have RBBB (http://wulfden.org/TheShoppe/freeduino/rbbb.shtml)  It uses a sharp sensor to detect objects and then decides the best way to go. When the robot runs into something, it first turns right and makes a reading, then it turns left and makes a reading. If the right reading is greater then it will go right, if the left  reading is greater, then it will go left (which means just straight, because it is already left ;)) if they are equal then it goes left. You can see this in the video. Just pay attention to its movements. If anyone would like the code i can post it but i do not see the use now. The robot does seem to drift to the right, i need to fix that if i can.


I got a desktop band saw friday from Lowes here in the USA. I used this to cut out all the parts for this robot.

 The saw plus some lexan and 5 of the 8 servos i bought for 99 cents a piece on sale, and you have my robot.


found this lexan at The Home Depot here in the USA. And now i think all my projects will be made of lexan :)






 you can see my little power distribution board in the above picture. The orange wires go into the arduino. 


It is not a finished robot yet. I am going to add rc ability to it in a few weeks.  

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Janson's picture

The clean five servo low power concept is really interesting. Great work!

neo-hell's picture

great ;-)

flokos's picture

From where someone can buy the same saw in europe?

bittybot's picture

this is good design incorporating a simple legs and sensor! :)


LordGG's picture

That's a very nice tiny hexapod you have here ! Very cute :)

DarkPassenger's picture

Patrick, the robot looks very good and the program is working nicely...  Impressive!

That just may put me over the top on giving a try on a hexipod design similar to that.  I notice you also play guitar?  I've been playing for about 2 years, but I've taken off about the last month due to hectic schedule.

Happy Holidays! 

patrickmccabe's picture
yes i was going to do the 3 servo design but decided to use this 5 servo design. I have been playing guitar for about 2 years too. I dont take any lessons, just read some tabs and learned that way.
patrickmccabe's picture
Just added a "if open clause" to the 1.1 code. Its not worthy of another update but in the circle that the robot makes, if it reads that its current position reading is open space then it stops its circle and just goes forward. I did this to save time on the circle because there is no need to finish the circle if the space in front is open because you cant get a lower reading than that.
TinHead's picture
Yes .. VERY COOL ... 5 stars :D
jkeneally's picture
Can I get the details on the source for the 1$ servos?  Oh, nice bot!!!!!!!!!!