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Recommend a wire stripper please!

So I'm on the market for a wire stripper. I'm looking online, and my god are there a lot of them.

I could get a gigantic heavy duty one that does every kind of wire I will ever see, and makes toast too, or I could get a simple one with a smaller guage range that doesn't make toast...

I'd love to get some recommendations.

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What brand/name are those. I have ther same. in red though, but are quite cheap, material-wise.

 I'd love to get a good pair though. They're awesome!

I bought this bad boy years ago and it has done me (and still is doing me) proud!  Wasn't the cheapest one but it has got to be the most effortless wire stripper going.

 Stripper for Wires

You put the wire in desired amount and then jst squeeze, it grips the wire for you and cuts the insulation at the same time.  You can set the depth to cut with a small thumb screw on the back.



"Unfortunately, you learn from your mistakes"

Believe it or not I only found this topic by typing in 1337 into the URL (http://letsmakerobots.com/node/1337) haha, i thought it would come up with a super ace robot but instead, to my dismay, wire strippers.

Im sure all understands but just incase you dont 1337 as in elite speak.


"Unfortunately, you learn from your mistakes"

I bought one for 1,87 euro

works like a charm

I just use a pair of small wire snips out of a Craftsman pliers set.  Been doin it for years installing in-car A/V equipment.  When you're crammed up under the dashboard and already have cutters in your hand it's not worth bumping your head to search around for the strippers that just dropped out of your pocket :) 

Here's the link to the mini pliers set if anyone's interested.  They are great for working on electronics projects.  I use em so much that I got a second set for work cause I kept taking my first set home.  $20USD and all Craftsman products have free lifetime replacement no questions asked. 

I have that set of mini pliers. I love them, cant recommend them enough.

i have to go across the border to buy strippers, unfortunately its illegal here - but to cut wire i've used this modest pair for years - they work great, and they are so cheap i don't feel bad using them for toenail clippers or other bodily hygene duties :P


I use this fantastic one... think it was actually frits who showed me this thing... truly awesome tool!

KYP stripper/cutter/crimper

Yes, that is the one. I wanted to link to it.

It is truely amazing. It takes the thinnest and biggest cable, 2-3-4 wires at a time etc. Really fantastic! 

hey what kind of connectors are you using to make those jumpers you were talking about?