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Laser Distancing Probe using WiiMote - Brought to you by Rare Swiss Cow Productions

Following on from a post here "LoMoR Blog"

I have at long last started work on a Laser Distancing Probe using a WiiMote.

Basically i have equiped two Servos with simple Lasers and strapped it to a WiiMote.

I can alter the angle of the two laser beams (they can be fixed at one angle .....but where is the fun in that)

errrr - i also worked out that you actually only need one Laser (but again two is more fun)

The laser shoots out two beams of bright light which hits the wall --- here comes the cool part .....the WiiMote is able to see the brightspots - and works out how far apart they are ....... by simple triangulation you can workout the distance to wall.



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Here we go.........

Here for you are two direct links to try (not streaming)

Video One

Video Two

Please let me know if they Work - then i know how to tailor the Blogs in Future.........

Damn Chinese bereaucrats. Thanks for finding a solution for me. Unfortunately even proxy services get blocked from time to time or they want money.

I will have to find a shop that sells these things. Unfortunately most Chinese can't afford game machines.

Nintendo should really create a better market the controllers that go with the Wii game-ing unit and not the unit its self.

I have only the controllers ...... no time to play games 8-P

I know! You have created this gaget to... TAUNT your fellow LMRians!

How about two separate beams that track another source beam, allowing you to play robot pong?

Yeah - that would be a new twist to "Pong" ....thanks for impulse

...... could even mount the "ball" Laser onto 3D servo mount and two human players armed with Laser pointers .....Let the Game Begin..... servos would be fast enough.

.....Seriously the idea of interactive Vector laser graphics would be neat (though i would have to find new way to motivate the laser - servos to slow)







And yes, it's been slow.

 Here is a direction i have been thinking about , its the laser focus/fine adjust coil assembley from a dvd drive.

However i have no clue as to how to drive the coils yet...... or if it could swing the beam enough.


It seems to me the simplest way to drive the coils would be a PWM signal from your Arduino to one side of the coil and the other side connected to a digital output. Set the digital output high or low depending which way you want to drive the coil and use the PWM to control the movement.

I suspect the Arduino outputs will be powerfull enough to drive the coils otherwise use a L293D. This may be a better way to go as the L293D has protection diodes built in.

Light show here we come.... thanks for tip

Arduino should be able to drive 5volts  @50ma so maybe we are in with a chance......

Blind your enemies! Shine this at one eye, and it'll auto-track and burn the other eye as well!