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Laser Distancing Probe using WiiMote - Brought to you by Rare Swiss Cow Productions

Following on from a post here "LoMoR Blog"

I have at long last started work on a Laser Distancing Probe using a WiiMote.

Basically i have equiped two Servos with simple Lasers and strapped it to a WiiMote.

I can alter the angle of the two laser beams (they can be fixed at one angle .....but where is the fun in that)

errrr - i also worked out that you actually only need one Laser (but again two is more fun)

The laser shoots out two beams of bright light which hits the wall --- here comes the cool part .....the WiiMote is able to see the brightspots - and works out how far apart they are ....... by simple triangulation you can workout the distance to wall.



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I had a feeling that some sinister comments would manifest

Yes and the extra Servo "Jitter" would do a good job of mesmerizing the victims first.

But seriously the ability of this Gadjet to track and follow laser light (maybe infrared laser) bring in quite a few new possibilities.


Testing to see if a wii remote can track the IR reflection from a laser diode. Could make for a very cheap laser range finder.

Nice one ezekiel181 - indeed the system is able to measure distance -

however my Bluetooth comms refuses to talk to the Wii via Processing (which is the way i want to go)

Its works with "GlovePie" ......but GP its too limiting.........

Over the last few days i worked out that it really only needs one scanning laser that takes two readings - as you know the angle ... the distance can be calculated........ but i like the idea of the crazy twin flying lasers

Maybe it's a high tech cakensmoosher for all your Swedish baking needs?

ahhh - you rekindled my childhood TV show - indeed the Swedish Chef was always a favorite of mine (maybe some subliminal signal guided me to the "Flaying arms form" of my latest experiment )

Note:- must check out all the other Chef vids and wollow in the recollections - thanks TeleFox

looks like one laser is tracking the other one eh?
After your comment i have "Lust" to attach the Laser to a 3D servo mount and try out a full tracking idea.....thanks pm
Although this could be one application ie  laser guidance - the set up has a different purpose.