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What music do you listen to?

Just wondering.... 

i listen to:

the who, pink floyd, blue oyster cult, guns n' roses and other rock songs...

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From Bon Jovi to Bagpipes, from rap to jazz. Directory listing of my generic MP3 player at the moment looks like this:

11/11/2006  15:18    <DIR>          311
11/11/2006  15:18    <DIR>          Aerosmith
11/11/2006  15:17    <DIR>          Avril Lavigne
11/11/2006  15:17    <DIR>          Billy Connolly
07/01/2008  00:44    <DIR>          Bon Jovi
11/11/2006  15:16    <DIR>          Def Leppard
11/11/2006  15:16    <DIR>          Dido
11/11/2006  15:16    <DIR>          Eric Clapton
11/11/2006  15:16    <DIR>          Faith No More
11/11/2006  15:15    <DIR>          Field Marshall Montgomery Pipe Band
11/11/2006  15:13    <DIR>          Guns'n'Roses
11/11/2006  15:13    <DIR>          Joe Satriani
11/11/2006  15:13    <DIR>          King's Own Scottish Borderers
11/11/2006  15:12    <DIR>          MinistryOfSound
11/11/2006  15:12    <DIR>          Pink
11/11/2006  15:12    <DIR>          Red Hot Chilli Peppers
11/11/2006  15:11    <DIR>          Sash
11/11/2006  15:11    <DIR>          Soundtracks
11/11/2006  15:11    <DIR>          Texas
04/02/2007  11:38    <DIR>          The Chemical Brothers
11/11/2006  15:10    <DIR>          The Streets
24/01/2007  23:10    <DIR>          Van Halen
11/11/2006  15:10    <DIR>          Van Morrison
02/12/2007  21:13    <DIR>          Walt Disney's Christmas Favourites
11/11/2006  15:09    <DIR>          Whitney Houston
11/11/2006  15:09    <DIR>          Will Smith
11/11/2006  15:09    <DIR>          ZZ Top

You thought I was JOKING about the bagpipes? Ha ha ha. I don't know what you can tell from the file dates. I'm trying to figure out if they were "moods" I was in. I can tell that maybe I need to update my collection...

...I remember. I got a new HDD in my PC about Novembwe '06. I reckon when the files were copied over from the old one they got new file createion dates, but when they were copied to teh MP3 player they kept their original dates for some reason.

 Phish, of course (I followed them for about 3 years almost 100 shows) the dead, Granola Funk Express (GFE). I also like Ska (both 1st and 3rd wave) and old-school hip-hop: De La Sol, Tribe called quest, NWA, run-dmc the Fat Boys. But then again, I also have Eminem next to James Taylor so, I dunno...

www.rocketbrandcustom.com baby!!


Kraftwerk - we are the... oh.. ehm.. what was that word again? 


/ vzz-clck-"Maneuver"

Right now I've got Pandora.com running, and unfortunately they thought I'd like some song by Creed... so I need to change that. Normally I'm a rock kinda guy, but I do have a big heart for acoustic and folk music.