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OSR(Open Source Robot)

OSR is a major work in progress, It is controlled by the arduino Mega, OSR will has bluetooth capability, so i can control it from my verizon droid eris(android phone), it has an RFID reader and a ping)) rangefinder, and i am still testing, debugging, and adding code. 


this looks promising 

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what do you use to power it?

Liquidware's Mega Backpack


Basically a really cool 5V lithium battery with status and all that fun stuff 

I never thought of the landmark think like that. I use similar design with my bots. Nothing lake a big breadboard for easy expermentation. I was thinking of using IR beacons but that would use batterys. Parallax now has an inexpensive color sensor out now. Mabe in the future I may play with that idea.


What Battery and microcontroller are you using?

Nice to see your robot in action. Good progress, keep it up!

Try adding a roller or caster wheel at the back to avoid tipping. If it will operate mostly on hard surfaces, something like the one pictured below from DAGU might work:


Well thanks, i am going to have a ball like yours soon.

On my first robot, I improvised one from a marking pen cap, like this:


cool, i might do something like that
An RFID reader, that's something you don't see on many bots, do you have any specific uses in mind for it?
 It uses it for navigation, it uses rfid tags as landmarks so that the robot can get around