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micro controller

Is it possible to have one central micro controller connected to 3 other micro controllers? And let the impulse of that micro controller control the other micro controllers. My system works on a censor bases that skips the secondary control servos and feeds its impulses directly to the main servo. From there to the secondary servos and to the mechanical response. So the censors are connected to the main servo. The main servo is connected to the secondary servo that controls the mechanical part of the system. Is this possible, electronically?  

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The first part is definitely possible (i.e. one master micro controlling several slave micros), and there are many different ways to accomplish this depending on the micros you're using and how you want the system to work. No worries there.

From about the 3rd sentance down I got a bit lost... could you provide more detail on how the servos, sensors and micros are all connected and what they need to do?

As TF said, first part is possible, and can be done in many ways. I've personally used serial io with 3 chips, 1 master and two slaves.

I got a little lost on that second set of questions as well.  :)

Sorry about that. Actually I wanted to use the Pololu micro maestro sevro controller, but I don’t know if it is the best option. I am new to all of this and I got a bit confused with my terms. I need a system that can detect objects in 3D and judge distance (this is the sensor part), the impulses will be sent to the main micro. (pololu micro maestro sevro controller, but I don’t think it is the best option, doesn’t have enough ports. I will like to keep the entire thing tide to one micro). The main micro will have to process 11 impulses from sensors at the same time to get the required movement I want. From these impulses 16 motors will have to be individually controlled for certain movements. So I figured I probably wouldn’t find a micro with the specs that can comfortably do that. So if I take a few micros and run all the sensor impulses to the main micro, it would be able to control the slave micros and in tern control the motors. To get enough ports for the system. Do you have any suggestions?      

There are plenty of microcontrollers that have enough I/O lines to run 11 sensors + 16 motors, are you looking for any particular type of micro?

Preferably it has to have built in acceleration control, but its not the worst if it doesn’t have it, it just makes every thing a bit more complicated, other than that,it can be any type of micro. I will most likely use stepper motors, 9-12 volt. So if I can get sum thing that would work well with the motor circuitry that would be a great deal of help.  

an arduino mega?

I took a look at the Arduino Mega and it is perfect. Do you have any suggestions on sensors that can detect minuet movement? Like have a different impulse for say every mm or 10nth of a mm. its max range only has to be around 5inches. It could really use any sensing method. Is it possible to use sonar sensors to create a virtual 3D environment for a robot that is accurate to with in 6inches.