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Where do I hook the speaker up?

So I ordered a original Gameboy off ebay a few days back, but after I ordered it I realised that half the screen didn't work. Pooey. Anyway, so since it was just a couple bucks, I figured I'd use it for parts.

I just de'soddered' a bunch of components, yay, one of which being the speaker. So I hooked it up to a battery to see what would happen, and I got a couple little scratches, which means it works.

Anyway, so I want to hook it up to my picaxe so I can play with it, which I have yet to do since I don't have all my pieces yet...

I'm not sure where to hook it up though!

The back of the speaker says this:

8(ohm sign)

If that tells you anything, where might I hook this bad boy up to on the pixaxe 28x board to play with it?

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Be sure to read this: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/129

- And just hook it up to any digital output http://letsmakerobots.com/node/75

be sure you add a capacitor in series with the speaker. it will prevent fritsl's burnt speaker problem. A 47uf capacitor will suffice.

I think setting the pin to low is a better way to prevent the unwanted current, no? :)