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programming language

Does a micro controller have a specific language or does it depend on the micro.  

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Realistically speaking, different micros have different languages that you can use. Almost all have more than one option.
What would be the best option for the Arduino Mega if I want to use it to control motors from sensor impulses.  


The arduino is an AVR chip that uses the Arduino programming langauge, so you will have to use that language to program it.

I believe that you can also embed native avr code, though I don't recall the specifics of how to do that.



Depending on what he has, he could just make up a simple serial programer like pony prog... but otherwise he will need a preprogramed attiny2313 or something or buy a programmer kit... and the C is even hard to make and to understand... btw if he has an arduino developing board... thats no problem using it with arduino...