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How do you make a line follower?

i just want to know how to make a line follower, like the equipment needed. if there is a walkthrough, please give me the link. if there isn't, can you tell me how or give me a link to a site that does?



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I would not jump at a Microcontroller if you dont know the basic theory yet.

 You can use a comparator to compare voltage between a CDs Voltage divider. I have made a robot head and a line follower like this. It is a similar example in "Robot Building for beginners"

hai guys i am intersted in doing line follower robots... so kindly help me to do this pls!!!!!!!!!!!.... reply me to the mail id  sarathbiz@yahoo.com
Posts that boil down to HELP ME don't typically get much help. Please create your own thread and post a specific item you need help on. Doing a little research first also goes a long way.

Well you can make one with BEAM if you really want to want to http://www.solarbotics.com/products/rbfb/ (I haven't read that book but apparently the whole book focuses on building a line following robot) Note: beam is good for beginners , but it can be a little bit fiddly and annoying trying to get a kajillion soldering joints to be perfect

Or you can make one using arduino

Or you can make one with picaxe 

Google it, and I bet you will find a ton of results


I think a kit may be a good way to start building robots. I'm very interested in building robots and also a beginner. Several days ago, I bought the ASURO kit, according to the instruction, it can achieve the function of line_following after programmed, I'm ready to build it!!!!! English is not my native tongue, hehe
Just google line following robot. There is even BASIC code samples for such a robot. I am new to this too but doing your own research then asking specific questions you may have about a part of the process is a lot better. No one here would ever do you the disservice of doing the work for you. Cant wait to see your line following robot once you get it done! :)
BEAM is a good way too.

 i would like to make line follower robot, i am ready wih arduino UNO, H- bridge, geared motor, pololu Qtr ir sensor array, Echo Sensor and some other components. any one guide me with coding.

the simplest i know is the spurt line follower