Let's Make Robots!

Woohoo, more bot work done

A little more done, well, another phase started anyway, on my XMOS challenge bot(s).


From the bottom up, an ATMega168 @ 8MHz (with lilypad bootloader), a 74LS14 to put the schmitt trigger thingies on the wheel encoders, and a SN754410 H-Bridge to actually run the motors. Top-right is the KA378R05 3A LDO regulator.

Now to see if it actually works.


Edit = Yes, an Arduino. It's just there for ease of testing right now. I still haven't got deep enough into the XK-1 to be able to quickly/easily knock out PWM and interrupts to test the motor controller setup. The final version will have the 7414, SN754410, and support passives on a board, but won't have the AVR chip to run them ;)

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I am currently trying to get almost the exact same thing working in my workshop so I can make a arduino + h-bridge PCB, have you tested yours out yet?

Nope, not yet. Hopefully I'll get a test sketch put together today sometime and give it a whirl this evening.

Did you burn the arduino bootloader onto the chip yourself? I'm a little unclear if you need a special one to run the bootloader on the chip at 8mhz.

I breadborded out my arduino very similar to yours, but I couldn't send a new sketch. I know somthing's wrong, but i'm not sure what.

Let me know when your's works so I can check my work.