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RADIYOSP - Robotic Art Do It Yourself Open Source Project

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Robotic Art Do It Yourself Open Source Project 

The idea is to build a robot experimenting all possibilities of opensource frameworks and libraries with an artistic goal: 

Sensibilize on what can be done now with power of passions and hobbies, and how much robotics instruments and possibilities are rising every day. Truly sure to leave out tecno-narcisism I don't use arms and antennas. Design will be minimal.


-Only two servos (with wheels) + casterball moves all  

-netbook with flash memory avoiding hd failures with movements and shocks


-sd84 I/O 84pin  (sd84 on google)



-various sensors



-Avoiding obstacles

-web controlling from site

-face/person recognition (opencv)

-a little of chatting with vocal emulation



I can't leave arduino program and use DEV or others to compile my program.

I don't know how to interface SD84 with a simple DEVC++ sheet.



All project will be stored on my site www.gioblu.com when it will be active, now I am very late for graduation and I must build on everything for february. We are a little community in Italy www.ivotek.it and this project will be my graduation experimentation in NABA (New academy of arts of Milan).


Coul'd someone help me for the software part??


Some threads linked:





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Ok i try it out immediately

Visual Editor???

you mean a gui editor, mono and qt both have exellent visual editors 

Hey you should use ubuntu, it is much more proficient when prototyping, its also open source which is a big +, and ubuntu to windows is easier to port than windows to ubuntu

I had some problem with gcc because I am not able to compile without a visual editor (i am not a coder). But I am open to advises!! I am triyng ubuntu on my pc and is perfect, gimp and inkscape too.  

I am not a programmer but I can work it on. I am firstly a fotographer, art director and webdesigner, not exactly engineer :P but I whant to try this hard task. 


Awesome project! I am thinking about doing something smiler. The software is by far the hardest part. How good of a C++ programmer are you? I'm using python for my project because it is a simpler language and quicker to learn but can expand to meat any goal because it is based on C++ I believe. Good luck! Here is a link to the project I am going to try.