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MicroSD Card Adapter

Vendor's Description: 

The uSD Platform Module lets you connect a MicroSD card to the Propeller Platform, Protoboard, or breadboard.  Because microSD uses such a tiny board (.9" x .8"), we're able to offer them at $9.99. Cheap! It's already assembled, you just need to solder on 6 pin headers (included) to attach it to the Propeller Platform or any protoboard / breadboard.

Usage with the Propeller is simple - just grab one of the SD Card objects from the Propeller Object exchange (John Twomey's library works well). If you mount it to connect through P0..P3, you'll just start fsrw with a mount(0).

If you connect it at P31..P28, you just change sdspi from:

do := basepin++
clk := basepin++
di := basepin++
cs := basepin


do := 31
clk := 30
di := 29
cs := 28

With Arduino, you'll need a few more resistors to drop the Arduino's 5V logic to 3.3V. There's more information and libraries available on the Arduino forums.

As a bonus, from now until December 25th, buy a Propeller Platform and you'll get a uSD Card Adapter, free! If you've purchased a Propeller Platform on or after Nov. 22, you'll get a free module in the mail in the next few days.

The uSD Card Adapter was designed by James Long.  More Photos and info on the adapter on the product page.