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Mac OS X and PICAXE USB Cable

I have tried to get the USB cable that came with the PICAXE 28X1 to work on my MBP (OS X), without any luck.  I have tried finding advice online, reviewed the manual to no avail...

I loaded the AXE027 driver (as suggested in the manual) and then I went to System Preferences > Network and attempted to connect but I get the following error:

Could not negotiate connection with PPP server.  Please verify your settings and try again.

I have gone to the 'Advanced' button, selected various modems (including Null Modem, Apple, etc) and I haven't found anything that works.  I am not a long-time Mac guy, this one has me stumped.

Any ideas?  Thanks in advance! 

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Have you ever had a problem that you just couldn't figure out, tried every which way to work through it and then finally, in frustration you swallow your pride and put your question up in a forum with many experts...  Follow closely, waiting for that really smart guy out there who will know the answer and then you will finally have resolution.

Well, that happened to me.  Good thing is, before that really smart guy saw this post I managed to figure it out.  Sometimes it just takes a little time away...

In case you are wondering: 

Turned out to be rights for the driver, I didn't read it correctly when I checked the first time.  Found it, made the change and it worked just like that.  PRESTO!

Have a great holiday!