Let's Make Robots!


Navigates around via ultrasound

 This is my bot, Godzilla. No, it is not huge and it does not pick up buses and throw them back down. I just called him Godzilla because i love the song by Blue Oyster Cult!
Anyways, back to the bot: It does not do much now since i haven't mounted my 180 servo yet, the one you see in the pictures is just a continuous one i have used to give myself and you an idea of how it is gonna be. It goes aroung with its ultrasonic sensor avoiding objects it finds on its way.

This bot has a really simple structure. This because i'm not at home now (on vacation in singapore) so i don't have all my proper tools and materials. I just used materials which would normally be waste such as the toilet roll!

Other peculiar things? well maybe its horns :D i really like them.

This is a great example of how you can make robots even when you are on holiday! 





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do you think you could give us the code we would all loce to know! and I just realized how was your trip to singapore nearly three years ago?! ;)

well actually i'm gonna stay here in singapore till the end of august (and came here on the 15th of june), that's because my father is working here. So i got lots and lots of time to visit the city but also have a lot of spare time too. I've got my laptop here with me so i think i'll just program it when i have some time! Every other part has been bought here, including the picaxe ( i've found this site on holiday too...you know..haven't got much to do from 11 pm to 1 am !! )

I gave myself a pat on the back when I saw this. I'm glad you've learned something from me. Tell me: where have you gone on holiday that's so... un-vacation-like that you feel the need to fill in the hours makig robots? Next time I get a "holiday" I'm staying home to make robots. Did you bring your programming lead and a laptop and all that with you or will you wait until you're home to program it?

Haha, I love how you vacation with your robot parts :P
you are right! i'm gonna fix that tomorrow with anything i find around my house :D and about the video..unfortunately not :( my video capturing equipment is at home in Italy

Hey, that thing looks wicked cool. I like the compact design you gave it. I think maybe it will have problems when encountering little bumps on the surface that the toilet roll might get stuck on.

Really nice pictures too! Are we going to see a video soon? :-)