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Accel_Gyro Board

Vendor's Description: 

The Accel_Gyro Board represents a 5DOF Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), capable of measuring acceleration on all 3-axis as well as measuring rotation rate around the X and Y axis. Combining values from both accelerometer and gyroscope will allow you to obtain accurate values of inclination angles relative to the earth's surface. IMU units are often used in projects like gaming devices, balancing robots and UAV.

Core Specifications

Acceleration range: +/- 2g
Sensitivity: 478.5 mV/g
Zero-g-level: 1.65V
Low pass filter(noise reduction): 50Hz

Measured range:
GX4,GY4: 4x (amplified) +/- 500deg/sec
GXF,GYF: 1x(non-amplified) +/- 2000deg/sec
GX4,GY4: 4x (amplified) 2 mV/Deg/sec
GXF,GYF: 1x (non-amplified) 0.5 mV/Deg/sec
Zero-rate level: 1.23V
High pass-filter (drift compensation): 0.16Hz
Low pass-filter (noise reduction): 160Hz

Supply current: ~10mA
Supply voltage: 3.3V to 7V 

The Accel_Gyro is also available without the gyroscope - the gyroscope pins are unconnected, but all the filtering components are in place so you can simply upgrade later to full functionality with a single gyroscope chip. On the other hand, if you're sure you don't need the gyro functionality you can safely cut the board along the line that goes between pins 3V3|HP and NC6|NC7. 

The Accel_Gyro Board was designed by Starlino.  There's a ton more info: pinouts, dimensions, a setup and usage guide and more on the product page - http://www.gadgetgangster.com/213




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Wow, that looks sweet! And half the price or less than elswhere!