Let's Make Robots!

The hexapod robot "Spider P.I.G."

Walks in variable directions, controlled from a computer.


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Yes, this is a teaser...

I will post more content of it and a tutorial as well.


What i've been working on lately is to shorten down the legs. I tested it today, and it worked a LOT better than before. I'll see if i can manage to get a video soon ( I'll have to borrow a camera from someone :/ ). It still have some slight problems lifting the EEE PC, but it does work at least.

*New Update*

 Fritsl uploaded three new videos, which is the later three ones on this page. Thanks!

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The image is perhaps a bit misleading. It can't lift the lap-top yet. The legs will just bend and it will perform really poorly if i put the lap-top on it, at the moment.

 But, it is my goal that it should be able to lift it. I think i will have to shorten the legs a bit. It will need less torque then, and shorter parts is less likely to bend

That is FUNNY!

- And I am on "JIP"'s bag all the time because he is using the large LEGO-brick in all he's work.. But a complete Mac?! Yes sir!

/ Frits 

Hey Frits long time no see, thats not a MAC, Fredrik has used for his robot it's an Asus EeePC.

The Robot it self is realy cool, gonna upload the videofootage of it on video.google this upcomming weekend or earlier depends on if I get time to do it earlier.

But definately a realy cool robot, and the simulation program Fredrik wrote for testing, is way awesome.

Think about how usefull this robot is, you come home and it comes runing with your computer or glass of cola or wahtever, the use of this robot is endless, and it looks like an Spider combined with an Alien-facehugge, thats just plus.

I have always wanted to attach wheels to my macbook, but that might be kinda hard because I'm not too deep into even BASIC, much less assembly or java. And of course the laptop weighs 5 pounds. But its not low on processing power, (2.4 GHZ) so someday I might be able to use the ISIGHT as a object detection sensor and, well, yeah. But I guess for our kind of robotics, an EE PC is way more power than you need. 


Anyways, how much does the EE PC weigh? (please, pounds, I have no clue what a kilogram is)


"kilogram" is a word. Something to fill wikipedia's search box with.

1 pound = 454 grams

1 kilogram = 1000 grams

1 kilogram is approx 2 pounds

And I'm from the US :)

An american who knows what a kilogram is :) Who da man...

Says I who never seem to remember what an inch is. ~2.5 cm or something (and I still mess up AM and PM too)

Anyway looking it up and converting it isn't exactly rocket science :)

2.54 ;)

Oh, and 1200 to 2359 is PM.

Thanks...but in couple of months or so (= the next time I need it) I'll have forgotten it and I'll have to look it up again. But hey who needs a memory when we have the INTERNET :)