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Heinz 57 Robot

Roam around with a Ping and compass with IR remote
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   The Heinz 57 robot was thrown togather with stuff I had laying around. Quite a mix of Erector set, Lynxmotion, Parallax, Futuba, Honeywell Rouge, and salvaged stuff from old TVs and Computers. Simple is best and I want to see how much I can do with as little external electronic circuits added (not counting I/O). This is also my first attempt using a dual H bridge DC motor driver. The servos were fried Futuba servos convertted to DC motors. The gear box was too useful to just toss. I am using a Lynxmotion Basic Stamp board with a Parallax BS2IC chip. All I/O pins are on 3 pin headers for easy plug and play wiring.Later I may update to a BS2PX for more memory and processor speed. The H bridge sure eats up I/O so plan to use an ajustable Honeywell Photoeye to turn on a relay to throw series resistors in with the motors to slow down on approaching something. Eventually I will add a compass, ping ultrasonic and Sony compatable IR remote. Alot of plans for such a small robot. So far I have got a simple program  working for the motors, but have alot of programming homework ahead. I gave him a break for the holidays and threw togather a simple music LED breadboard. It can play 4 Christmas songs using a dip switch to select, but no memory to do anything else. I don't take credit for that. I found the program in the Parallax forum under stamps in class section. Well Happy Holidays to all and hope to get this little bugger working next year.

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thats awsome im working on one like this but i dont have to parts lol