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Servo question

I'm attempting to put together the Start robot as my pieces come in the mail. I got my servo today, but the "you can get this here" link doesn't for me. So I got a different one from Sparkfun. In the Start robot pictures, it shows the servo with a full circle above it. The parts (3 different parts) that came with mine are not circular. There is one that looks like a cross, but the small horizontal lines are in the middle. Another that is just a 180 degree line. And another that is a line starting at the middle (like a line modelling a radius). I'm confused about how to set this up. Does it only need one at a time to be mounted? Am I supposed to figure out a way to put them together to mount? Do I need to get a different servo?

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Were you not asking about servos?

2 or 3 links dont work... I ordered the parts on other websites! 2 parts on hobby engineering 2 parts on solarbotics and 2 parts on techsupplies :0 it didnt end up 85$ as they promised....

Well it ended up 150 dollars :/

Yea - it gets a little more costy than promised, but times changes - who cares.

Servos are used in model airplanes. A solid wire linkage (like a coathanger) attached to one of these servo horns. Because all airplanes are different inside, different horns are included as to work in different situatios. Just use the one you like. I would suggest that the one that is just straight across will probably be best as it is the closest to the shape of the sharp sensor.

Note: Before you attach the servo horn to the servo, you will need to run a little test code to center it. You will need to spit-out a 150 (or center-yourself) code to the servo (from your picaxe) so the horn and sensor will point forward when it is on the robot. I think there are some notes on this in the start here post.

You choose which one you want to put on. They are called servo horns. I would use the straight one that looks like a line and the others ones you do not use. When you put the straight one on just find where the servo spins back and forth about equally then mount your sensor on top of that. The servo horn screws on with the tiny screw it should come with.