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arduino application

hello i am using an arduino for artistic purposes . i  just bought a used laptop ..... 1 gig ram ,centrino duo, intel video card and vista and for some reson it is the only computer that i have seen that just doesn't lauch the arduino application ... i tried many version of the arduino application from 0012 to 0017 sometimes if i am lucky i can run it from a thumb drive.... about one chance out of a hundred

could it be the ram used with vista and  the intel video card i am about to buy windows xp....  cause windows 7 needs a minimum of one gig and i don't like having the minimum ram on an os .... thanks in advance



sorry for my bad english i am french

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Aside from compatibility issues, Vista is a bad OS to use with less than 2GB RAM, XP should run better in almost every way =)
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Calculon read somewhere that the arduino software is not compatible with windows vista.