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Internal Timers

Does the Internal Timers of microcontroller gets burn!

I'am using ATtiyn2313 microcontroller I blink the led by 1000ms delay but then I increased the delay by 9000000 does this burns the inetrnal timers now i'am not able to get the output and the led does not blink!


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You did not tell us what your program looks like but I think you probaly passed over the maximum value the delay function can take.

I do not think you can burn the timers by setting a delay, just set the delay to something sane and reprogramm the tiny.

Later edit:

BTW if you really want to get some real help around here please have the following in mind when asking for help:

- if you just shout "help my blinky LED stopped blinking" you will not get any help

- if you post a question on hardware issues then please post your circuit schematic, no one can guess it

- if you post about a software problem then post the code so we can have a look

Just a few advices, don't take it personally.