Let's Make Robots!

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isotope's picture
Wow! :) He's faaaast :)
TeleFox's picture

Wow, Scooter really gets around on those motors, handling looks pretty good too.

Still planning on adding a claw? That would be awesome =)

cparker's picture
Yea, the claw is next.  We're planning to repurpose one of these : http://bit.ly/77aVr5  .  We want to pick up small things off the floor (the kids play area has plenty of things on the floor), so I'm trying to work out how to both lower the claw to the floor, and close the jaws.  I'll probably end up using what I have on hand, which is one small hobby servo and a small motor.
amando96's picture
should add a tail, it would look like a giant mouse :P