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Scooter Bot

The scooter bot has both tele operated and autonomous modes. It's fast; top speed around 12 MPH. Current autonomous mode is limited to navigating a space using front and rear IR sensors and wheel encoders.

This was a fun robot to build.  It's our 4th.  It's the most agile one we've built so far.  The 2 wheels mounted on the center access provides great maneuverability.  I'm using small non-driven castor wheels in the front and rear.  I use a simple toggle switch to toggle between fast / slow modes for outdoor / indoor driving.  It's way too fast to drive indoors in fast mode.  In slow mode, the microcontroller (propeller) just applies a maximum speed it sends to the speed controller.  The Scorpion speed controller from robot power works great with the big 24V motors.  I have a 25A fuse on each motor just as a precaution.  

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Wow! :) He's faaaast :)

Wow, Scooter really gets around on those motors, handling looks pretty good too.

Still planning on adding a claw? That would be awesome =)

Yea, the claw is next.  We're planning to repurpose one of these : http://bit.ly/77aVr5  .  We want to pick up small things off the floor (the kids play area has plenty of things on the floor), so I'm trying to work out how to both lower the claw to the floor, and close the jaws.  I'll probably end up using what I have on hand, which is one small hobby servo and a small motor.
should add a tail, it would look like a giant mouse :P