Let's Make Robots!

Entry of LMR in my blog

My blog called least significant bit is on http://lsbit.wordpress.com/

I write here because I would like to post an entry talking about LMR, but I'd like to know if you would like it and what would you like me to say as more important things.

The thing I like the most on this site is the good humour of everyone and that you always find someone wanting to help.

Any ideas? :)

I also accept opinions about the blog :P

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I'm sure Fritsl wouldn't mind, either way he'd be the guy to talk to.
Have you ever thought about creating your own robots?

This page http://letsmakerobots.com/ is perfect to meet lots of robots fans who will help you and comment opinions about your robot projects.

The webpage creator is fristl and he has made some funny and cool robots.


He also did a Tutorial to teach you how to make your first robot using PICAXE.

But there are also other "robot-makers" who create robots with Arduino or Microchip PIC.

You can see lots of pictures of the robots they did and also videos.

My favourite robot of the page is the Yellow Drum Machine, there you have a video to guess why it has this name :P. It is also made by fristl.


/**I thought about puting something like this**/

its "fritsl" not "fristl" :D

ps: nice avatar

Thanks for the correction!, I published it here http://lsbit.wordpress.com/2008/07/16/do-you-want-to-create-robots/

If you like my avatar, you will like the subtitle of the blog and one special entry i did :P