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Christmas Presents

What was the best present you got this year? post it here so we can all see and show off to others what we got for christmas.

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Still awaiting mine - a nice new 230x750 lathe!  Got delayed as we found termites in the shed so the (initial) funds had to first go in repairing the shed - as did much of my holidays :(



Choosing the best is difficult. I ended up with a kilo of polymorph and a wad o micro servos (methinks wifey did her shopping at Dagu). The kid gave me an RP-5 tracked chassis.

One of the coolest things though, my brother gave me an old Radio Shack Armatron. I've been wanting one of those since, um, near as far back as I can remember. It came in the original box though the cardboard is rather mangled on two sides. Sadly it's missing the accessories (test tubes, balls, stand thingy). I guess I'll have to make some from polymorph :D Otherwise the arm itself is in great shape and it works quite well. Fun stuff!

I remember those, I always wanted one as a kid. You lucky bugger! 

Your luck to have such a good wife too.

I've taken up ice skating again, since son number 1 took an interest. So, spouse has bought son and me some ice skates for Christmas.

Parents and in-laws bought me Glanze indexable cutting tools for my lathe.

I was in France for Christmas and flew home early to put wallpaper up in the house. I had only cabin baggage, so I had to leave the tools in France until my wife comes back next week. Gutted!

I mentioned it from a post I had read right before Christmas and I got it as a present, I saved my wife/kids cuz they didn't know what to get me.

I have already made a bunch of the simple LED flashers & buzzers of various speeds.  I figure I can learn to read a schematic and finally understand what Ohm's Law...

I had always wanted one of these kits when I was a kid, my Mom wouldn't get it for me since she thought I would electrocute myself.  When she found out I finally got one (I'm frakin 39 now) she still gives me the 'Don't electrocute yourself!'.  Sheesh.

Let the fun begin! 

You watch you don't accidentally build an uber-capicitor and give yourself a jolt. Never underestimate a mother's ability to be right all the time.You can give yourself a nasty shock by licking the terminals of a 9V battery!


Well, the best present my wife gave me... is not for discussion on this forum.

She also got me a tackle box to help organize my electronic parts.

My super girlfriend got me a USB Logic Analyzer.  (http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=8938)

She didn't even know what is was for.  :)  Works really well too, if anyone has been considering one!

well it was the day after christmas but i got a dremel


Calculon looks forward to doing a write-up