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Ultrasonically guided robot

Navigate around via ultrasound

My friend and I are working on a project for school. We have to build a chair that, with one push on the button, falls appart and then reconstructs itself. (See the second vid)

So we bought a Picaxe microcontroller, a couple of switches, color sensors and ultrasonic sensors.  Now, before we build the chair, we first need to get used to the programming language and see how the sensors react and so on. And what is a better way to test stuff than building a robot?

So we salvaged my old Cybot (a robot that I built when I was eleven, using parts and instuctions from a weekly magazine called Real Robots). We stripped it down to the chassis with the wheels, transmission and engines. After that we mounted two SRF005 ultrasonic range sensors, a bread board, the microcontroller and some batteries.

We loaded up the program and... It worked! Damn, were we happy!

Anyways, this is only the beginning, we are going to mount some switches to detect low objects that can not be seen by the sensors, this will probably be done by tomorrow so make sure you come back again!


EDIT: the switches have been installed and are working perfectly... pics up later ;)

EDIT EDIT : pics and vid are up, scroll down for pics ;) (third vid is the one with the switches installed)


  The original Cybot:

The original cybot


 Initial sensor testing setup:




The 'completed' robot:





Switches installed:



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This is the first robot I saw using ultrasonic without the Parallax ping.
In escence, the parallax ping and the SRF 05 are just the same...