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PolyMorph Workshop 1 - How to make " Trivots © "

PolyMorph - how to make a pivot joint out of PolyMorph

PolyMorph Workshop 1

Here is the first in a series of PolyMorph workshops that will unfold when time permits.

The first one shows a number of techniques that can be used to form PolyMorph.

PolyMorph is a low melt plastic , it softens in boiling water.

When hot it can be formed to any shape your heart desires.

When it cools down again your shape is ....as hard as nails.

PolyMorph is like Nylon and has similar feel - its good as a sliding surface - which is why it works well for my application.

 The Video shows how i made these "Trivots ©" for my latest Robot Experiment "Moooooo"

The Hole in the washer is an interference fit and helps in assembling and holding the joint tight untill its welded.


None Streaming Video Here PolyMorph Workshop 1 (circa 70Meg)

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Just tried and it does work - however it does leave a messy trail of polymorph around the hole - which can be easily cut off with sharp knife when cold.

What i later found good was to place a cold drill through the hole after the soldering iron had done its work and then squeeze the excess poly tight to the drill .....leaving neat compact (and accurate sized) hole....

Please tell me, do you consider it worth all that work? No really, I'd like to know your thoughts on that. As a pivot fabricator myself, I was pondering this very question about a year ago "in this very boutique".

The trick with the graphite lubrication is inspiring. I've been using wax and not really to my satisfaction. Maybe the torch can carbonize the ply enough to produce the required layer of lubricant. Or would that be of the wrong crystal structure?

(Oh: and how fitting is it to find a red dwarf episode named Polymorph!)

The Trivot idea was an inspiration from my son.......

.....shops where shut for 4 days .... so screw shop closed........ what to do....... poly pellets to the rescue... and lots of time.

PolyMorph is anyway a good slippery surface when flat and has a gliding effect .... most desire_able.

I was considering adding some extra bits to the pivot points and it would be dead easy to reheat the poly and attach new bits to them......

Its also possible to make the flat round parts any size - so by oversizing them its adding extra lateral stability...

My "Mooooo" project will not put to much stress on the poly anyway as the force vector is pretty much trying to shear the 4mm polyMorph rod inserts. For higher loads .....then i am not so sure.

The Graphite gives a kind of dusty layer - i used it in "Don Quixote" too on his axles - it works well on most wood-wood contact points.

Wax has more of a drag effect - see my Wax Motor series If you wet the the wax surfaces then it reduces the frition.

They where fun to make and i hope that it will inspire others to be more creative with thier polyMorph.

"Krytens" head must be at least 2Kg worth of PolyMorph ..... Haha