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Problem with SparkFun PicAxe USB programmer cable

Ok, got to the point where it's time to start coding and I got power to everything that needed it and started installing the drivers needed for the Picaxe programmer cable. Well to no avail. If anybody has an idea a walkthrough it would be appreciated.



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Here's my results with the sparkfun picaxe programmer when running the 'Test Port' test from the program editor.

Using WinXP.

1) Connect the download cable (and USB adapter if required) to the computer.

  - using the sparkfun pixaxe programmer connected to 28x1 chip via picaxe breadboard adaptor.

2) Make sure the PICAXE chip is inserted and powered (4.5 to 5V).

 - powered up and getting 5.1V (using 4 x AA NiMH)

3) Use a multimeter on the DC Volts setting to measure the voltage between the PICAXE serial input pin and 0V.

- getting 0V

4) When the LED is off, the signal should be between 0V and -1V.

 - reading 0V

5) When you click on the LED the signal should switch hi

 - LED button clicked on. Getting +3.1V at serial in pin 6 on 28x1

Note: The TX,RX indicator LEDs on the programmer are always fully on. They don't flicker or anything. I've also tested a Picaxe08M chip and that works fine. Not sure of the voltages though.