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Sr.M Maze solving robot

solves line mazes

This is my maze solving robot. It uses a Arduino RBBB from wulfden.org. It has 2 30:1 micro gear motors. 

The robot has 5 reflectance sensors for sensing the line. Its 3 in front are for following and staying on the line. It does this by slowing down a certain motor depending on which way the robot has come off the line. The 2 sensors near the back of the robot on the left and right sides are for sensing the turns in the maze. The maze has many different intersections and it knows what to do at all of them.

 This is done using the left hand on the wall technique. This means that if it can turn left then it turns left, else if it can go straight it goes straight, else if it can turn right then it turns right and finally if it cant do any of those then it is at a dead end  and turns around. Here is a great pdf. that explains that  http://www.pololu.com/file/0J195/line-maze-algorithm.pdf


Thing left to do:

I have seen the 3pi robot a lot in videos and this is why i decided to build it. The 3pi goes back and refines the path and goes down the quickest and shortest path without the unneeded turns and dead ends. I got to thinking "i can do that!" so a few months later and only 2 days of building im at where i am. I have seen some people not do this awesome step with their maze robots but i want to. I have it using the left hand on the wall, well so what. I am working on the refining code, the cool part. It doesnt work YET but it will... it will. Give me a few more days and hopefully i will get it to work, if not give me more time.


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It's nice, but imo you should have gotten the gearmotor set with the wheel encoder. You can do much more with those.

 Love your hexapod robot.

that pretty damn cool , will it remember the right path?

oh and damn that code looks hard 

the key word here is WILL. Im working on the code for that so it will be in a update later on. Right now it does not. It just does left hand on the wall to solve it but does not remember a thing about the maze.
That is great work! I like the sensor placement, makes perfect sense.
I look forward to  seeing the optimised version