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TAMIYA twin-motor gearbox

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This is a very nice little package. You have to assemble yourself, and there are 3 ways.

You want to assemble in "C"-mode, ratio 203:1

The A & B setups, 58:1 are really fun because they are fast etc.. until you try to make your robot use it. It is simply not strong enough for the fast-changing pulses etc from a PIC-controller, it is useless because it takes so much time to accelerate, and many setups will not ever get up to speed at all.

I strongly recommend that you buy some TAMIYA wheels or belt-tracks to accomplish, and also other parts in this series from TAMIYA, the plates, sticks etc.

You should check this link: http://www.pololu.com/docs/0J11

Here is a robot driving one of these http://letsmakerobots.com/node/386

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I have run them on the same battery as the microcontroller, but you might need to put some capacitors on the motor and on the microcontroller to remove the electrical noise. Note that the motors that comes with the gearbox are rated for 3V and most people run their microcontroller at 5V. You can substitute the motors for the Solarbotics RM3 motors (http://www.solarbotics.com/products/rm3/). It runs on 6V.
Not a bad price either. 
Cause they last longer and run at reasonable voltages.
I've lost the instructions for this gearbox, has anyone got a copy they could scan? Thanks

I just built the "A & B" configuration, did I made a big mistake ?

Will I have to disassemble everything ?

It is really easy the second time!

However - your bot will just be very fast, and not very strong. Perhaps it will not be strong enough to drive.. Depending on how much voltage, weight, which form of code etc.

(But I would seperate and make the "C") 

The solarbotics motors can indeed be used as replacement motors for the tamiya gearboxes.




Any one knows of any replacement motors than the stock ones? These motors are designed for low voltage (1.5 to 3v). I would like the motor voltage about 5v to 7v range. Does a motor from GMn serires from Solarbotics fit the Tamiya gear box?



A little tip:

The two gearboxes are mirrored, so in order to make the wheels turn the same direction, the motors must turn in opposite directions. Took some debugging and tracing wires, before I got it right :)