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When you get suspended bits (or nanoparticles for the science geeks out there, haha.) of iron compounds in a solution made up of water, oil and some other bits of scientific goodness, things look like this.


 You get "ferrofluids". Ferrofluids are liquids that react to magnestism in unusual ways. They have some practical use in hard drive useage, (Protection and lubrication) but they're also used as a shock absorber used in NASA crafts.

((This was pulled off of Cracked.com, which carries some cool science articles every now and then, despite its boisterous use of humor. I also came to the conclusion that I use parentheses too much...))

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very cool, i made some myself with jonhsons baby oil and toner, didnt work out so nicely though ):
I've made a crude ferrofluid substitute before by using mineral oil with lots of very fine iron filings and carbon dust, it worked pretty well, but it was a little thick.