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Arduino + a doorbell's wireless modules

hello, hope you had a merry christmas, and will have a happy new year!

I found a wireless doorbell, and i would like to know it it would be possible to attach the button of the doorbell, to the TX pin on the arduino, and the receiver to the RX pin, sorta like this:


I think i would then be able to serial print what ever i want, and serial read it with the other arduino. say controll severall motors, even if it just has one button, would this be possible?

i am facing another problem, the doorbell doesnt operate with TTl logic levels, off is 0.40 volts, and ON is 1.26 volts, so i will have to convert that somehow, all my attempts have failed so far. but is this possible? i dont want to just waste my time on this...

i am using this doorbell because it has a range of almost 200 metres! cossing walls, trees etc, so on a clear view it must have even more!

right now i noticed that if i press the button the receiver has a pin wich changes it's state almost exactly like i press the button( i press the button 5 secs, the receiver changes its state for 5 secs, if i press one sec, state changes one sec...)

But if its a really short 1/10th of second press, the receiver doesnt change its state acordingly, i have yet to understand the circuitry, but i think it may be a capacitor takes takes a while to discharge...

if i cant get to button to change the state of the receiver acordingly i will have to use a ''normal'' digital pin and write my own code, keeping in mind that the minimum pulse is 2/10th of a second.

So it should be possible, but it would be much simpler if i could just serial print/read, than having to make my own comunication system...

Hoping to get comments, especially help on the converting to TTL logic levels, and oppinions on this project, if its possible, or not worth the hassle.


thank you, and happy new year! 


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did you ever know how ?? mine also has a hex inverter and im looking forward for this hack .

i found this which is very helpfull and looks exactly like the cirucit im working with ! Good luck ! :)


The receiver has a HEX inverter, heard it isnt good for high speed aplications, how important is it to have this HEX inverter? could i just remove it?
Not sure where you heard that inverters are bad for high speed, common inverters can often run at up to 40MHz. The inverter is probably being used as a buffer, in which case it helps keep the signals clean.