Let's Make Robots!

my tournament bot

plays clean sweep a vex game


this is our front

2 vex geared motors(oposite)to list the arm

    the game vex teams play this year is CLEAN SWEEP


this is our claw

1 motor

this can lift a 30 oz football



                         CLEAN SWEEP

clean sweep is a game from vex

the main goal is to have less balls on you side

there is 3 types of balls

the green balls=1 point ot 3 in a triangle

the orange=5 points

the white ball=bonus 10 points only added in the last 30 sec of a match

each match consists of 2 quaters

the first quater=atonomus

the second =driver operated


the language is c++


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sorry odd i had to go do some thing when i posted it ill post more now

So what is "Clean Sweep"? what are the rules of the game? Since I know nothing about VEX what language are you programming it in? What processor is used in the Vex micro controller?

In short, could you post more information when you post a robot on LMR so that others can learn from you.