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Max713 Charger Finished

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With the help of ezekiel181, I have finished my new on-board chargers.


I just have to say this is simply the best, most adaptable charger circuit I have ever made.

Here is the original post. 

This unit handles a ton of cells and can be adjusted for max charge time, charge current and works with many input voltages. It also includes a "data out" that goes low during the main charge and high during trickle. I have used this output to turn my cooling fans on and off. I was also able to get the chip itself as a sample --add this to the parts I already had on hand, I really only paid for sparkfun to fabricate the PCB's I designed around this circuit.

So there you go, one bad-ass charger that can be used for a bunch of stuff. I can not recomend enought that you goto the original post and find all the technical in's and out's.

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Respect Chris!

I'd wish I had the brains to make something like this, pure magic how you can go that far in such short time!

The boards arrived today CtC! They look great, I can't thank you enough. Hopefully mine will be up and running in a couple of days.

I LOVE the MAX713!!! I've been working with that and the 712 for 2 years now for charging circuits.  Well done!