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Propeller Platform Video Howto

I got a new camera for Christmas (Happy New Year!), and I decided to make a 'how to put together a Propeller Platform' video.  Are these types of videos useful?

I don't think a video alone is enough for a howto (the Prop Platform has a written guide, too), but I was thinking there are a few 'advanced' techniques that beginners might benefit from seeing on video.  What do you think?

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Part of the problem was the image was out of focus, but I would have liked to add more images and adjust the color on the second clip.  I tried Adobe Premier, but it clobbered my computer.  I used Windows Movie maker for this one (ugh), I found AVS Video Editor, but not until after I edited and uploaded this one.

I like AVS - it has enough features for making simple instructional videos like this one without being cumbersome.  Plenty of stuff you can't do with it, but more than enough for me.

I think the next video will be a super basic 'how to use a soldering iron'. I'll keep it very brief, and I'll only talk about the soldering iron - no discussion on solder/flux, de-soldering, etc.

What other topics would be good to cover in a demonstration format?

Hi Nick,

When you start figuring out video editing, try some simple stills along the story. Just a few high resolution closeups for some of the items you are discussing. Give the viewer some seconds to look at them.

For example, I found that "snipping pins from a strip" could do with such a closeup. I would imagine some novice users need all the visual info they can get about such a mundane component. This video hardly shows any detail.

Nice introduction video. Hope to see more of these on LMR.


So that's Nick, eh? Nice to have a face to go with the bitchin-est xmas card I've ever seen ;)

I would totally suggest adding the video as a Tip/Walkthrough as it contains some very simple yet very useful tidbits about soldering any board together. Since it's not exactly prop-centric I'd also suggest adding "soldering" and "howto" tags (leaving the "Propeller Platform" and "Gadget Gangster" tags intact too). Maybe a small paragraph to let folks know that the video also contains soldering tips, and isn't just a "commercial" for the Propeller Platform.


Yep, that's me!

Good feedback.  I'm still trying to figure out how this whole 'video thing' should work, so this is really an experiment.  But it sounds like I should completely seperate promotion from instructional videos.  This video should probably be more 'intermediate soldering tips' than 'Assembling the Propeller'.

One of the big gateways to getting people involved in electronics is the equipment.  Once they start soldering and realize it's not difficult, they'll be hooked.  And in 6 months, you'll see them on the LMR forums :).  Really, I just want the video to give them some re-assurance.