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Who wants to buy an RFID IC that is actually well made?

Oi all it's Tgeahre, your friendly neighborhood RFID Proponent.

I have good news, I found my RFID reading IC and want help getting it. To start, if you didn't read it before, take a look at my component report in node 1417. For those of you excited about RFID, this report will please you.

At the end I have a wonderful little bit about how to purchase it.

Basically, I know that this IC is worth playing with and working with for most any kind of purpose. The problem is I cant buy any as I am a college student and cant aford 95$. I am hoping that maybe someof us could band together and purchase some of these together.

if we get a list going I can keep the talley of how much we are running at and do the purchase and the shipping to those who baught it. 

I'll start the list:

  • 1x SM125-M1 (Maybe 2)
  • 2x SM125-IC (only 1 if I get 2 M1s)
  • 1x Key chain read only tag
  • 1x ISO re-writable tag (maybe 2)

Mine so far is between 23.10 usd and 38.10 usd

now go and comment. :D



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anyone else?

common. this has wonderful uses. think of the applications this can be used for. gaming, robotic, security,

this thing has it's own serial LCD output and it is I2C compatable. This is programmed with c or c++ i think and I know that this has more uses then even I can think of. we just need to band together and make the minimum payment to get it. that is only 22 chips or 8 moduals. that really isn't much and for the uses of this thing it is amazingly cheap.

your friendly RFID proponent

i eventually want to play with RFID but I have a few projects to finish first ;)

Come on, no one wants to get RFID?