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Trouble using my Picaxe 28X

I posted this on the Picaxe forums, but they haven't been able to diagnose my issue yet, so I'll come to you now.

I'm using the Picaxe 28x starter pack with a USB cord. 

I have both of the drivers installed, and both the software and my PC are set for COM5, which (I think) should make the two talk to each other... it's not working though.

Perhaps this short clip may help you out a little.

You may not be able to read the text, so here is the error that pops up.

error.jpg This was from when I had it set to COM3 (the default port)

Thanks in advance for any attempt at helping.

Also, if you want more info, just ask. 

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Install the editor from the CD THEN (and only then) download the updated editor from the picaxe site. This will ensure you have the drivers installed. When you plug in the USB cable it SHOULD be detected by Windows and ask for the drivers. Tell it to get them automatically since they were installed from the CD.

Then go into device manager and see what com port it is set to. Start up the editor and change the com port to match.

Plug the cable into the board and supply it with approx 5volts. Try to transfer code... any code or clear the memory of the chip. It should work. If not let me know :)

Sorry to reply to my own post... If that doesn't work hold the reset button down on the board and press F5. Then release the button after the splash screen with the progress bar has popped up (usually 1 or 2 seconds after F5).