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Matlab, anyone?


Anyone in here ever touched matlab?


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Yes I have used it for college stuff on several occasions... what's up?

- Jimmy

I may be looking at image recognition. But I may be too stupid. Where is the picaxe of image recognition? Is it Matlab?

/ Frits 

MatLab is defintely very useful for image processing - and this was mostly what I used it for in college. What kind of image recognition are you looking to perform?

MatLab is very matrix oriented so you'd better know how to use those if you're going to use it.

- Jimmy

Have you tried to program everything direcly on C++?


You might want to peek at OpenCV as an option too..

Im very curious how your going to get a picaxe to run matlab :P - that will be VERY tutorial worthy

I love matlab I use it a lot, Plotting E-mag homework, Bode plots, etc. 

lately I used matlab to make an image detection system. 

It first connects to a webcam connected to a usb port

It sends the data to an HCS12 that controls a servo motor to track the object from a webcam

We first take a first shot to keep that as a variable for a background subtraction then take continuous data to subtract that from. Both images are gray scaled so that the information can be sent by 8 bits.



Here is a link to some materials if you have, or can get, the software. http://ocw.mit.edu/resources/res-18-002-introduction-to-matlab-spring-2008/