Let's Make Robots!

Mail arrived, doesn't it look pretty?


All for my new robot project - a Hexapod. I did a quick 3d renedering on how it is going to walk. If I have anything of interest to show I'll make a new 'robot' entry :)

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First, yes. That is brilliant looking and I hope you see it through.

Second, "POV-ray"? Does Sketch up render in POVray? I've been using POVray for years and did not know this. 

Last, Robot or blog. Hmmmm.... You got do both. You're getting loads of good feedback here. You could make a "robot" and put a request on it that anyone who wants to comment comments to the blog.

I have found this problem with my robots as well. the Rboto pages becoem cluttered. I think we may need to make an executive decistion. I would like to see roboteers have editorial rights over their own robots, so they can tidy up the pages. The danger is that some useful information might get lost.

I'll put it on the agenda for the next admins meeting.

I meant to ask: What are you going to use for bearings for the "other" side of the servos? You know at the bottom of the six "main" servos?
For now I don't have anything planned at the bottom of the servo's. But it might be a good idea to make some turning system below them. Shouldn't be too hard to make I think. You have any advice?

If you can find some plastic or aluminium box section extrusion about 30mm by 20mm (about the width of the servo body, but slightly taller) and fit the servos into it, that gives you and nice "bottom" (!) that you can bore into and stick a bolt through.

I did this once with PVC and it was very very good. The biggest pain is cutting the square hole for the servo.

I couldn't find the extrustion again, so I used 30mm U-section aluminium extrusion. It was less good and much more difficult to cut the holes.

"I would like to see roboteers have editorial rights over their own robots, so they can tidy up the pages" Well they already have! JUst click edit!?!

Are you talking about the comments? Well - we cannot edit them, excactly; Someone may link to them. Click on the headline of a comment. You get the URL with that comment. I sometimes link to that, and should do it more often. Say when someone is making a good remark on a component, I / we ought to enter the component (that anyone can edit btw) - and write "Here is a comment related.."

Robot or blog?

If you feel youmostly are going on about your life, what you think of stuff etc, it is a blog. If you are focusing on a robot-project, it is a robot that you should enter.It is absolutely to prefer to enter a robot as a robot!

Have a look at my 360bot- project. I am not showing all images on the page, but link to an online album. Considering what you do make keep the page cleaner.

And people commenting can also help, by refraining from too many non relevant postings etc :)

I'd love to have the system to use multiple pages etc, but it is a thin walk between feutures and usability. Heck, we have people who find it difficult to enter a robot as it is! (And I am going to make some instructions on that some time)

Hey - btw; Your robot looks awsome!

And to what I wrote above; Notice that you can chose how so see the comments!