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How to measure Amp?

Could somebody explain in a very easy way (with a drawing of what goes to what) show how one measures how many amp a motor is taking?


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try what boa said, connect it in series with your motor and switch to amps, which is the A with the DC symbol (the line with 3 dots under it)
So you simply do not know the answer?
THIS is insulting.

What's scarey is I am applying at Washington University to work on my PhD in computer science and to be a research assistant for a professor in robotics. That's right Ill be teaching the young adults of tomorrow how to measure amps with their tongues. Actually I really was reading this thread because I had the same question. I pull motors from broken electronic equipment that peopl eI work with donate. Most of them dont have any markings so a good way to come up with voltage and amps that the motor can take is helpful.

Sometimes I can't supress my inner child and I have t oleave stupid comments.

That is frightening. I used to be a "professor" (over here, "Professor" is a grade awarded to someone who's an very eperienced lecturer and researcher) of Computer Architecture. (Can't you tell?) It was back in the days when such posts were awarded on ability rather than on wether or not you had a PhD. I started my PhD: An Artifically Intelligent System for Closed Loop Control of a Refrigeration Plant. (Yawn.) My wife called it "A Clever Little Fridge." I packed it in after one year, because the money was better in the Aerospace Sector.

Stick your tongue on it. If it tingles AMPs are low, if it somewhat hurts then AMPs are medium. If you die... well AMPS are too high for your robot.

very pragmatic,

interesting too - i always guessed my meter was binary (no amps - your alive | many amps - your dead). its nice your's has higher granularity

"Multimeter? Is that a measure-thingey?

I have this:


Can anybpody illustrate what goes to what, and what the dial is supposed to be at?

I have a motor driver that can take 4 amps, and a motor from an RC, I want to see if it will work before spending time on it.

Thanks :)

Thanks for some complete useless answers, eggheads!

I cannot anyones laws, I do not know what a clingon is!

Did you try connecting your multimeter in series with the motor and switching it to "Amps"?

...or are you talking about measuring it with the PICaxe ADC?